Hallonbergen – publikation (Kommande)

Hallonbergen – publikation (Kommande)


Risographtryckt bok. Under tryckning. Kommer i januari 2019.

“All three of us running up the stairway to the chestnut brown apartment door, me falling on a step scraping my knee – once again. Listening to my cousins both bawling to their mother how terrible the other one was, while looking at bright red blood seeping out of the tearing of the skin. Red blood turning to a black, brown scab that I weeks later will pick apart, revealing new born pink, almost fluorescent, skin.”

Papper, inlaga: Munken Pure 100 gsm
Papper, omslag: Image Coloraction vaniljgul 225 gsm
Färger: Green, Bright Red, Yellow, Fluorescent Pink, Medium Blue, Black
Format: A5
Upplaga: 100

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