Our First Five Years Of Being BEAST Studio

Our First Five Years Of Being BEAST Studio


BEAST Studio has been the main thing we have been doing for five years now. We didn’t know how Risographs machines worked when we started, but we knew we wanted to start a Riso printing studio.

This zine celebrates our first five years as a studio, and the idea of persistence and keeping on working on what you belive in. We’ve also complied a list of some things that we have learned along the way.

No. 6 It’s “ree-so-graph” not “rise-o-graph”

No. 10 Every day can be Bring your dog to work day

No. 33 So what if people don’t get it right away?

Färger: Red, Green, Blue, Fluorescent Pink
Papper: Munken Pure 130 gsm
Format: A3 (ihopvikt till A6)
Design: BEAST Studio

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